Welcome to The Creator Economy

Welcome to The Creator Economy by me, Benjamin Grubbs. I’m the Founder & CEO of Next 10 Ventures, a venture group that since mid-2018 has been investing in, and incubating early-stage companies operating in the Creator economy. Prior to this, I was the global director of Top Creator partnerships at YouTube, and spent 15 years as an expat in Asia Pacific working for Google, Yahoo!, eBay and Turner Broadcasting.

I have been active in live and on-demand streaming video since 2001, started working with entrepreneurs building e-commerce brands and companies in 2004, and started working with storytellers to use the Internet to develop original IP in 2008.

The Creator Economy is going to be my platform to share news, research and opinion on items related to my area of focus at N10V, share stories and experiences from my 20+ years in media & tech, and also commentary on broader topics in media, technology and commerce.

In the meantime, tell your friends!